Blue Angel: the German Ecolabel

The Blue Angel is the German Government’s label for environmentally friendly products and services. As the first environmental label worldwide, it has stood for independence and credibility for over 35 years. A particular focus is placed on examining the impact that products and services have on the environment: on the climate, resources, water, soil, and air. These tests also focus on their impact on people.

Products and services awarded the Blue Angel cause less damage to the environment and, at the same time, protect people's health by e.g.:

  • Saving resources during their production
  • Being manufactured from sustainably produced raw materials
  • Using less resources during their use or disposal because they are, for example, particularly energy efficient
  • Avoiding substances hazardous for the environment or human health or limiting them to a minimum
  • Being especially durable and easy to repair
  • Being easy to recycle
  • Causing low emissions to the soil, water, and air, as well as low noise emissions
  • Nevertheless fulfilling their intended function (fitness for use) to a high level of quality

The standards set by the Blue Angel provide clear guidance for manufacturers and commercial companies when they want to improve the environmental performance of their products and services. Consumers can base their purchasing decisions on the Blue Angel and consciously choose the better environmentally friendly alternative.

Your can have your products and materials tested by PFI for compliance with the requirements of the Blue Angel: Footwear RAL-UZ 155, Leather RAL-UZ 148. PFI expertise are generally recognised for certification.

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