Proficiency Inspires Confidence

Every market is different; every client comes with individual wishes and stipulations.
We are therefore constantly reinventing ourselves in a rapid-response, flexible, goal-oriented manner.
Numerous leading companies, government agencies, and organisations have the utmost confidence
in our services.

What can we do for you?

As an internationally recognised service and research centre, PFI offers a unique combination of accredited laboratories, interdisciplinary engineering, and over 60 years of accrued know-how. Our principal focus is on testing technology, research & development, and certification.

Testing. In our accredited laboratories we analyse the chemical, physical, and microbiological properties of materials and products using standardised or individually developed test procedures. In the field of biotechnology, we perform chemical analyses relating to process stability, trace element status, and gas yield. Moreover, as an accredited inspection body we offer a world-wide goods and production inspection service and provide specialist assessments by officially appointed and sworn experts.

Research. We undertake practice-oriented research, e.g. on the material and energetic utilisation of biomass, and generate biomethane from residual and waste materials. An important focus of our research activities is on footwear and orthopaedic engineering, with a distinct emphasis on solutions for people with restricted mobility and on the safety and comfort of workwear. If you need practical support in your R&D activities, we would be pleased to help. Our engineering testing facility and our industrial research plant facilitate construction of large-scale experimental set-ups for a wide range of industries.

Certification.  As an accredited and EU-notified certification body we award the CE and GS marks for various product groups, among others for personal protective equipment (foot and leg protection, eye protection, hand protection). We also certify quality, energy, and environmental management systems for your company as well as IT security systems, occupational health and safety, and social standards as defined by you.

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