PFI Tests and Certifies Protective Eyewear

New service: Since August 2015, PFI is accredited to test and certify protective eyewear in accordance with DIN EN 166. Such products include sunglasses, motorcycling goggles, and ski goggles, as well as eyewear offering protection against mechanical injury.

The test division of PFI tests products belonging to Categories I and II of the PPE Directive (PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment). A so-called type examination is prescribed for protective eyewear. This examination is based on the European Standard EN 166, to which all protective eyewear must conform. Having passed examination, the personal eye protection equipment is certified by our independent certification body.

The services offered by PFI for protective eyewear include tests of both optical properties such as transmittance, stray light, and quality and of mechanical and physical properties such as strength, resistance to radiation and heat, flammability, and corrosion, and also address general topics like product designation and information for the user.

Further details can be found in the accredication certificates (issued by the German national accreditation body DAkkS) for our laboraties as well as for the certifications body (pdf downloads / German only).

Do no hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Liselotte Vijselaar
Head of Physical Testing at PFI
Phone: +49-(0)6331 – 2490 12,
E-Mail: liselotte.vijselaarpfi-germanyde


Dr. Sigurd Riemer
Head of Certification and Quality Management
Phone: +49 6331 2490 805
Mobile: +49 173 309 4164
E-Mail: sigurd.riemerpfi-germanyde


Stefan Assmuss
Optician / Certification
Phone: +49 6331 2490 13
E-Mail: stefan.assmusspfi-germanyde

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