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PFI SafetyCert is a flexible certification concept for occupational, protective, and safety footwear. It serves to harmonise the rigorous demands of the relevant EU Regulation, the corresponding European standards, and national legislation with the valid market, product, and production requirements of industry and commerce.

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PFI SafetyCert distinguishes between shoe types and article variants:

Shoe Types

Shoe types possess defined safety-relevant components, so-called type-determining properties. These are the same within a given shoe type. They include the outer sole, the protective toe cap, the insole, and the penetration-resistant insert. Different articles can be integrated into the system on this basis.

Article Variants

PFI SafetyCert offers a wide range of design possibilities within a given shoe type. Variations of upper materials, colours, and designs, of upper height, or of sole colour are readily integrable. These variants are designated as articles and listed in an annex to the type-examination certificate.

Type-examination Certificate

Any number of articles can be certified within a given type. New or modified articles can be added with comparatively little effort at any time in the annex to an existing certificate. PFI SafetyCert offer a maximum degree of flexibility and market orientation, particularly in the case of seasonal goods, customer-specific orders, or regular model updates.

Orthopaedic Insoles and Orthopaedic Modifications

PFI SafetyCert also offers suitable solutions for awarding type-examination certificates for orthopaedically modified shoes or for the inclusion of various shoe insoles. For example, additional insoles can be listed in the annexes to an existing certificate.


ESD Certificates can also be issued for the appropriate types. Issuance of such certificates is also possible without the need for a type-examination certificate.


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