PFI Member of the AiF Medical Technology Research Alliance

In November 2020, the AiF member Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V. (PFI) joined the AiF Medical Technology Research Alliance (FAM). This therefore makes the PFI the eleventh member of the FAM, which was founded in 2018. The aim of this alliance is to make optimal use of the synergies between the participants in order to enrich medical technology with innovations.

The PFI, which is recognised beyond the borders of Germany with its testing, research and certification in various fields, has been involved with the technology field of medical technology for some time.

In the field of shoe and orthopaedic technology, for example, the PFI places a lot of emphasis on solutions for people with disabilities. Research projects that have already been completed, such as the development of a sensor-based rehabilitation shoe, bear witness to the specialist know-how of the Rhineland-Palatinate research institute.

Other focus areas in which the PFI is currently conducting research in the field of medical technology are:

  •     Sensor technology, monitoring, position detection and tracking.
  •     Actuation, robotics, automation
  •     Artificial intelligence, digitalisation, eHealth, telemedicine
  •     Personalised medical technology and care, support systems
  •     Material and biomaterial development
  •     Production, materials and process engineering, additive manufacturing
  •     Prosthetics, rehabilitation technology
  •     Quality in medical technology and care

The PFI is looking forward to working with the members of the AiF Medical Technology Research Alliance and is excited about future innovations.

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