Optimally connected! Network training at ISC Pirmasens brings double benefits

The shortage of skilled workers creates major challenges for the footwear and leather goods industry. Even in times of Corona, the interest of companies in training and further education opportunities is unbroken. On the one hand, the search for apprentices has been made even more difficult by the cancellation of many training fairs. On the other hand, smaller companies in particular do not see themselves in a position to provide complete training with all facets for a variety of reasons.

Against this background, the ISC Pirmasens (International Shoe Competence Center) is paying special attention to the project compound apprenticeship: "Through cooperation with renowned national and international partners, we are able to offer apprentices in all forms of compound apprenticeship the special opportunity to complete special training aspects with us as well as with our partners," Ronny Weis, technical director at the ISC, explains the advantages of this cooperation. An exciting project is also currently underway at the ISC, which creates synergy effects for all involved. The person in charge of training points out the high practical benefit: already during the training, the pupils/students gain valuable insights into the numerous facets of shoe production. For the companies, the joint training offers an important contribution to securing young talent.

ISC Pirmasens offers a wide range of training and further education opportunities in addition to the joint training. In addition to seminars on a wide range of topics, these include close cooperation with the Pirmasens Berufsschule (vocational school), the Deutsche Schuhfachschule (German shoe school) as well as with the Kaiserslautern Hochschule (Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences) and the Hochschule für Design (University of Applied Sciences) in Pforzheim. The ISC supports the state training courses in the sector, especially in practical teaching. In addition, the ISC supervises a number of certificate courses in cooperation with the IHK Pfalz.

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