The FDP State Council Rhineland-Palatinate and Minister of Justice Herbert Mertin inform themselves about power-to-gas procedures

Time is changing and climate protection and sustainability are the focus of many political discussions. The Freie Demokraten Partei arrived on July to Pirmasens to visit the energy park Pirmasens-Winzeln and to inform about the current state and future possibilities.

In the energy park there is a biogas upgrading plant in which excess electricity can be stored in the natural gas network over the long term via biological methanation. The location of the research facility is also an advantage here: the immediate proximity to the warehouse of a supermarket with a great need for energy for cooling or for the treatment plant Felsalb offer further cooperation possibilities.

The planned third module for the energy park, in addition to the biogas plant and the power-to-gas plant, will be a plant for the material and energy recovery of straw. Thus, one could also gain basic chemicals and produce biodegradable plastics. This could be a solution to the world's problems with plastic waste in the oceans.

Thus, another important point is to promote the development of degradable plastics more. With such a plant as it stands in Pirmasens-Winzeln and should be implemented further, offers the chance to conduct research under real conditions and thus to take a significant step in the right direction.

Energy park Pirmasens-Winzeln 

Together with Mr. Herbert Mertin also other participants visited the research facility:

  • Helga Lerch, c / o FDP faction in the state parliament Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Steven Wink, chairman city council Pirmasens
  • Thomas Roth, Member of Parliament & Spokesperson for Society, Integration and Consumer Protection, Europe and One World, as well as Law and Justice
  • Cornelia Willius-Senzer, Group Leader & Spokeswoman for Budget and Finance
  • Marco Weber, Parliamentary Director and Spokesman for Agriculture, Viticulture and Energy and Environment
  • Luca Lichtenthäler, Country Chairman Young Liberal RLP,
  • Sebastian Schäfer, city council Pirmasens
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