PFI awards the test mark "100% vegan

The topic "vegan" often causes confusion in the public. What is really vegan? When can a shoe or bag be called vegan?

The new seal "100% vegan", which is awarded exclusively by the PFI, provides information.


Vegan shoes and bags are articles, which were manufactured completely without animal materials and products. This means that the respective articles must be free of animal components and animal products. It is not enough that the sole or upper materials are of vegan origin. Even in the case of "auxiliary materials", e.g. adhesives or other "preparations" necessary for production, care must be taken to ensure that no animal components such as gelatine or protein are contained. 

Compliance with these criteria is checked by the Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute (PFI) by checking the safety sheets. By submitting a declaration of conformity, the manufacturer also confirms that all materials used are vegan. These two pillars form the basis for the award of the "100% vegan" test mark, which is now exclusively awarded by the Testing and Research Institute Pirmasens. "This test mark will only be awarded if it can be confirmed that the product, the ingredients and the manufacturing process are vegan and not of animal origin", adds Dr. Kerstin Schulte, Head of the PFI Institute. In addition, articles bearing the PFI test mark must meet all relevant legal requirements. If necessary, appropriate laboratory tests are carried out. Products that do not meet the requirements may not be labelled and marketed. 

There is often confusion in the public about the topic vegan. "The "100% vegan" test seal is intended to help consumers to recognize the product's characteristics and serve as a decision-making aid when making a purchase," explains Dr. Kerstin Schulte. For manufacturers, the PFI test seal offers an effective way to document their sense of responsibility to the outside world and to create trust with customers. 

You can find more information under PFI test marks or contact us.

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