EMERGENCE of the Prüf und Forschungsinstitut für die Schuhherstellung e V EXPANSION to include a physical department with a climate room AIF MEMBER A majority of the research funds was and still is approved via the AiF MOVING to Hans Sachs Street Now the PFI has three laboratories a chemical a physical and a a leather laboratory TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT The first test device was used to carry out the DIN standard sole abrasion 1956 1959 1960 1966 beyond the leather and footwear indus try to many other sectors Examples are the automotive industry mechanical engineering or plastics chemistry and the broad field of biotechnology The continuous expansion of the business fields required larger premises and several moves However the PFI has always remained loyal to its location in Pirmasens Since 2003 research and testing has been carried out at the Husterhöhe site which is conveniently and strategically located in the immedi ate vicinity of the ISC and the Pirma sens campus Under the best technical conditions The modernly equipped departments for chemistry and physics have been supplemented by a micro biology laboratory and a pilot plant for biotechnology The team has also grown Around 100 employees of which about 40 are highly qualified scientists now impart their know how under the direction of Dr Kerstin Schulte Under the aegis of Dr Gerhard Nickolaus the Institute has significantly advanced its international importance with the founding of the PFI Hongkong 2005 Globalisation required further expan sion Today the PFI has branches in Asia and the PFI Biorefinery Technolo gy in Pirmasens In addition the PFI is represented in numerous national and international organisations including for example standardisation bodies or memberships in research associations such as the AiF and the Zuse Commu nity The PFI is a real success story A success story with power and potential Whether tes ting inspecting researching or training the institute in Southwest Palatinate con vinces with competence and foresight Beyond the state borders If you look at the 65 year history of the PFI you don t know which chapter to open first The PFI story has many pages and the variety of topics that the testing and research institute deals with today goes far beyond the initial areas of shoes and leather Most retro spectives place the shoe in the center of attention and rightly so according to the motto In the beginning was the shoe But our success stands on many pillars says PFI Institute Director Dr Kerstin Schulte Innovative and futu re oriented the PFI faced up to the structural and topic specific changes in the industry early on The challenges of globalisation were not only accepted but proactively shaped Today the PFI offers its testing services and research activities worldwide and PFIs Past and Future The PFI a success story with potential Mould test under the microscope 4

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