ISC Forschung und Schulung ISC Shoe competence worldwide In its brief history the International Shoe Competence Center ISC for short can look back on an impressive development In the press the ISC is often described as a centre of concen trated knowledge about shoes Reason enough to take a closer look behind the scenes What exactly is behind the three letters ISC I stands for International The ISC operates worldwide As a lively institution with a wide range of experti se for the international shoe and leather industry the focus is on practice oriented knowledge transfer Not only specialists from Germany but people from all over the world from industry research and also from trade come to Pirmasens to expand their knowledge about shoes at the ISC But the ISC as the educational institute of the footwear industry not only makes a significant contribution to helping others develop expand their knowledge and acquire new skills The ISC has also always developed itself further and has always worked on its appearance and content since its foundation New projects are driven forward with much energy and success Indeed the diverse advisory and research services have long since spread beyond the German borders e g to Asia S stands for Shoe Everything or should we say almost everything revolves around the topic of shoes at the ISC Over the course of time the subject areas have been ex panded Today the bundled know how around shoes leather and manufactu ring techniques is collected and passed on in Pirmasens Pirmasens is the perfect place After all the tradition rich town is still considered the centre of shoe expertise Many renowned brands have their headquarters in Pirmasens and the Southwest Palatinate Many top class experts are at home here C like Competence Competence is not a quality that once acquired invites to rest Competen ce is dynamic Competence does not allow for standstill The ISC has always expanded its competences Just think of the comprehensive topics of sustai nability and digitalisation or the latest developments in 3D design High ca libre experts enable manufacturers dealers and their employees to adopt new processes and structures in their own companies thanks to various course and seminar offerings and to actively shape them there The ISC has made a name for itself not only with its educational offerings but also as an organiser of informati ve industry relevant forums Always with the big goal in mind of making companies skilled workers and the entire shoe and leather industry fit for a successful future During the ISC seminar Footwear expertise participants receive useful information about the shoe its history and significance The three day seminar is aimed at all those who work in the shoe industry and would like to deepen their knowledge In the interactive seminar Expertise Shoes the participants produce their own shoe with the help of the instructors 16

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