World-wide Goods Inspections and Production Monitoring

As an indispensable attribute, quality plays a decisive role in just about every area of business. We can offer internationally operating production and commercial companies an efficient, reliable, and flexible quality assurance and inspection service. 

Areas of activity

PFI can look back on many years of experience relating to inspection activities.
We assess the quality of a wide range of products:  

  • Footwear
  • Small leather goods and accessories
  • Clocks and watches
  • Eyewear
  • Household goods

made of paper / cardboard, metal, plastic, wood, leather, and textiles.


Precisely when production proceeds at a distant location it is all the more important to have a reliable person on site. Early checks give manufacturers and importers adequate time to react to quality problems and thus to meet promised deadlines. We undertake various inspections in Europe and Asia: 

  • Quantity control
  • Product conformity
  • Visual assessment of the manufacturing quality of finished products
    (based on ISO 2859 AQL)
  • Checks on packaging and labelling of goods
  • Laboratory sampling
  • IPC (Initial Production Check)
  • DuPro (During Production Inspection)
  • PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection)
  • FRI (Final Random Inspection)
  • SCM (Spot Check Mould)

Depending upon your requirements, it is of course possible to undertake an inspection of goods or to take samples for the laboratory at any desired time.

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