Impartiality of the Certification Body

The PFI certification body acts in accordance with the principles of impartiality. It offers certification to all interested clients under the same conditions on the basis of documented procedures and well-defined cost schedules. Client enquiries and orders are all processed on a strictly non-discriminatory basis.

Management and personnel of the certification body are free from any commercial, financial and other internal and external pressures that may adversely affect their impartiality. They have committed themselves to impartiality, objectivity, and confidentiality in the execution of their work. They are impartial towardsapplicants as well as certified or prequalified organisations and persons.

The objectivity, confidentiality, and impartiality of the certification activities and decision making are not impaired by the actions of cooperative bodies or by collaboration with other bodies, organisations, or persons. No certification is performed if there is any threat to impartiality.

The committee for safeguarding impartiality supports the certification body in the development of basic regulations governing the impartiality of their certification activities and counteracts any tendency on the part of the certification body to allow commercial or any other aspects, which could impede a consistently objective provision of certification activities. The committee also provides advice on questions which affect trust in certification.

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Objections and Complaints

Objections and complaints against decisions of the certification body regarding certification of management systems and products can be brought by clients or third parties and submitted in writing or declared for recording.

Objections and complaints procedure: 

  • Acceptance of the complain/objection
  • Confirmation of receipt sent to complainant
  • Examination of the complaint/objection
  • Decision: Communication of the results and reasoning

Objections and complaints should be addressed to: beschwerdestelle-certpfi-germanyde 

Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V.
Zertifizierungsstelle – Beschwerdestelle
Postfach 2225
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