Footwear Innovation Day 2023

Footwear, Design, Processes & fabrication: these were all topics that our lecturers Steffen Eichhorn, Alexander Palm and Sebastian Schlüter were able to address on Friday, December 1st, 2023 at the Footwear Innovation Day in Montebelluna, Italy.The event was launched for the first time by Claudio Franco, Managing Director of Design&Develop, and enables like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas about current and future technologies in the field of footwear design, engineering and manufacturing.

Steffen Eichhorn, head of department reports on his impression of the event: "The Footwear Innovation Day 2023 was an inspiring gathering that allowed numerous experts to come together and created an atmosphere of direct exchange. The personal networking and direct dialogue among all participants made this event particularly enriching. It was encouraging to see how innovation in the footwear industry is being driven forward, with many groundbreaking ideas discussed that are likely to become relevant in the next 1-2 years. These innovations are still in the research phase, but their potential is impressive. The focus on upcoming developments underlines the dynamism and progress we can expect in the near future."

Renowned speakers such as Felix Willenbrink, Marketing Manager at BASF Polyurethanes GmbH and René Medel from FRAMAS were on site. Through the numerous presentations and discussions about shoe manufacturing, our colleagues learned about the new processes for integrated and sustainable design that are available to us and our customers for their products. Of particular importance were the presentations on the Rhino, Botcha and Jevero programs, which will be offered for training in the ISC department in 2024.

With the help of these design tools, designers, technicians and engineers in the footwear industry can create and visualize their designs faster and more efficiently. Thanks to our detailed seminars, getting started with the design tools is effortless and even advanced users can acquire additional know-how and take their designs to a whole new level.

Take advantage of this opportunity and secure your place in our seminars to keep up to date with the latest developments in shoe design. You can find more information about the individual seminars here.

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