Long-term partnership with dialogue at eye level

Anja Burkhardt, Managing Director of WEVA-TEC GmbH, and the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens e.V. (PFI) have enjoyed an intensive partnership for almost 30 years. This close collaboration has resulted in numerous joint projects and a valuable exchange of expertise. In a joint interview with Peter Schultheis, Head of Technical Development and Footwear Technology at PFI, the two talk about their shared successes and provide insights into future projects.

Textile engineer Anja Burkhardt can look back on an impressive career in the textile industry. She has advised numerous clients on topics such as sustainability, social responsibility and technical development. ‘I've been dealing with sustainable textiles, harmful substances and test seals for over 30 years, and it really hasn't got any easier,’ she reports. ‘Fortunately, we have the PFI around the corner and can get unbureaucratic support if we have any questions.’
With the founding of WEVA-TEC GmbH in 2022, together with her business partner Michael Chungu, Burkhardt remains loyal to the textile industry. The company develops and sells textile products and technologies in the fields of orthopaedics, occupational safety and medical technology.
"Especially in the start-up phase, it's important to have access to the right networks and to be able to convince with expertise. The PFI was and is an important partner here."



Together with his team, Mr Schultheis supported WEVA-TEC not only in the start-up phase, but also in the implementation of technical developments. ‘With its expertise in pollutants, microbiology, physical material testing and biotechnology, PFI is an important partner for us,’ says Burkhardt. "The professional exchange helps us to do the right thing at the right time."

Ms Burkhardt summarises: ‘With PFI at our side, we were able to implement projects faster and more efficiently. The close collaboration makes us confident that we will be able to master future challenges well."

Looking to the future, the collaboration between PFI and WEVA-TEC is to be further expanded, with a particular focus on sustainability and the circular economy. Planned projects include the development of an intelligent sports mat and research into sustainable, bio-based textiles.
Future collaboration between the two companies will focus on promoting sustainability in production, product design and the entire value chain, which will certainly result in numerous innovative developments.

PFI is grateful for the long term partnership and looks forward to many more years of cooperation!

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