Insights into research, education and the footwear industry: FDP top candidates visit PFI

When Sandra Weeser, FDP member of the German Parliament, visited the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens e.V. (PFI), it was a significant occasion to draw attention to the ongoing projects and the extensive expertise in the field of research and education. 
Together with Maximilian Krolo, the top candidate of the Young Liberals of Rhineland-Palatinate, Sandra Weeser was warmly welcomed on January 11th 2024 by the Institute's Director Dr. Kerstin Schulte, Stephan Seidenschnur, Head of Department of the German Shoe School, and Steffen Eichhorn, Head of Department ISC.  

The visit included a presentation and tour of the German Shoe School. The school uses the premises of the PFI and the ISC's training factory to teach the students practical work on the machines. Mrs. Weeser and Mr. Krolo used this opportunity to exchange ideas with the footwear students and gained insights into their previous experiences, future prospects and inspirations. 

The topic of education, especially in the footwear industry, was discussed a lot that afternoon. The challenges facing the footwear industry and the importance of the DSF and PFI in training future specialists became more than clear. Mrs. Weeser and Mr. Krolo were impressed by the expertise available at the location.

After the presentation of the German shoe school, the learning factory was visited. Here, Mr. Seidenschnur explained the use of the individual machines and some of the work processes to the two candidates. Dr. Schulte expanded the tour by explaining some additional research projects. There was a lively exchange between the two top candidates and those who had attended. The topics ranged from educational questions to political developments and their influence on the corporate landscape.

PFI's research activities in the field of biotechnology were also a topic of conversation. On the one hand, research into the biorefinery at the Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park, which could be used in the future as a sector coupling in the city of Pirmasens for the energy transition. And secondly, the joint project Waste2Value, which is concerned with converting biowaste into bioplastics.

Both candidates were impressed by the institute's current research and future plans and recognized the potential behind the projects. 

PFI wishes the two top candidates continued success and we are looking forward to further appointments with lively exchanges!

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