„We are not standing still!”

Interview with PFI Institute Director Dr. Kerstin Schulte in times of Corona virus pandemic


Dr. Schulte, the Corona virus pandemic spreads worldwide. How is the situation in Pirmasens?

Dr. Kerstin Schulte: Luckily Pirmasens is corona free so far. We sincerely hope that it stays that way. But for any case of emergencies we made all necessary arrangements. In PFI we are well positioned and will be able to maintain all business operations.

What about the PFI employees? Are they active?

Dr. Kerstin Schulte: Yes, most of them. Some employees partly have to stay at home due to childcare activities. But nevertheless we take care that present work at PFI continues regularly and as smooth as possible. That means we hold on working on our present projects and tasks with high concentration.

This is very important for the shoes and leathergoods sector: is PFI currently prepared in terms of testing materials, products, components, shoes etc.? Are you afraid of bottlenecks now and in future?

Dr. Kerstin Schulte: No, not at all. We are always available. The PFI Team is in full operation – even during the corona crisis. As usual, in our accredited laboratories we are able to perform all physical, chemical and microbiological test procedures. We are not standing still.

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