Pupils from five European countries explore energy park

Sustainability and efficiency are high on the agenda in Pirmasens. This is evidenced by numerous innovative and award-winning pilot projects with which the town on the seven hills has already attracted nationwide attention.

One of the beacons is undoubtedly the energy park in Winzeln, a joint project of the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V. (PFI), the city and the municipal utilities. A power-to-gas plant makes it possible to store surplus electricity in the natural gas grid in the long term via biological methanisation. The plant currently produces 2.7 million kilowatt hours of bio natural gas.


At the invitation of Mayor Michael Maas, young people aged between 15 and 17 from Italy, Greece, Spain, Lithuania and Germany visited the innovative institution. This encounter was made possible by the Erasmus+ project "Schule macht Nachhaltigkeit - Sustainability macht Schule".

The host was the Daniel Theysohn Integrated Comprehensive School (IGS) from Waldfischbach-Burgalben, which has been participating in the Erasmus+ exchange and environmental protection project since summer 2020.

Following the guiding principle "School makes sustainability - sustainability makes school", four other European schools are participating in the project in addition to the IGS from the Southwest Palatinate: 

The aim of the European school project is to sensitise participants to sustainability and inspire them to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. In the course of this, the topic was increasingly integrated into the IGS lessons. For example, the importance of seasonal and regional products was discussed in the subject of nutrition, economy and society. In English, the focus in the upper school was on climate change, and in biology the importance of the forest as an ecosystem was made clear.

Teaching materials are continuously exchanged by the international team of teachers on the associated digital platform eTwinning. The pupils also enter into dialogue with their European partners via this internet portal. In addition to regular virtual conferences, the planned meetings have also been taking place in the respective municipalities since spring 2022, which was not possible during the pandemic. In April and October, the delegations visited Italy and Greece. Since last Sunday, 20 November, the 30-member troop has been staying in the Southwest Palatinate. Students and teachers are accommodated for six nights in the City-Star youth hostel in Pirmasens.

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