PFI Summer party 2023

Last Friday, 25th of August 2023, we held our annual PFI summer party with ideal weather conditions. Instead of the predicted 80% chance of rain, the employees were able to enjoy bright sunshine and end the afternoon together with delicious barbecue, fresh salads and cool drinks.

Dr. Schulte also used the opportunity for honors and congratulations, because the institute not only honors longstanding employees, but also joyful events such as weddings and births among the staff. For this purpose, she personally presented gifts and congratulated the new parents.
We would like to make special mention of the tribute paid to Mr. Albert Lipps, who has been loyal to the Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute for 50 years and has been a valuable source of experience for his colleagues in the Physics Department. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Lipps once again for his many years of support!
Each and every one of us enjoyed this day very much and to leave the daily routine behind us. We are already looking forward to the summer festival in 2024!


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