Attract sustainable attention.

PFI offers certification with eco Label

In a highly competitive market, it is often not enough to rely only on the very good quality of one's own products. The topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role and many consumers are reflecting on an ecological and health-conscious lifestyle. With the "eco" test mark, the PFI offers a product certification that helps consumers to identify the origin of the materials used for the ecologically produced product and thus facilitates their purchasing decision. PFI Institute Director Dr. Kerstin Schulte appeals to manufacturers and retailers to be certified with the eco label: "It shows that you, as a manufacturer or retailer, take an ecologically and environmentally conscious lifestyle seriously and support it. The test mark thus serves as proof of confidence in the quality of your company's excellent products."

Transparency, traceability and other information are available online for customers and consumers. Johanna Höger, Head of the PFI Certification Body, explains what is important and what advantages the eco Label offers: "The eco Label is intended to make it easier for companies to get started with the topic of sustainability. There are many different labels and certifications on the market for environmental and social issues, but only a few that combine these two pillars in one. The eco Label is adapted to the upcoming environmental and political challenges such as the Green Deal and the Supply Chain Act, helping to make production or service more sustainable." For the manufacturer, the eco Label offers good support in approaching the topic of sustainability and establishing it in the company; for the environmentally conscious customer, it enables an environmentally friendly purchasing decision. The sense of responsibility of the company or the brand is underlined once again by the eco label. The consumer is assured that the product has been produced under socially and ecologically acceptable conditions. The trade also benefits: "The label enables the trade to expand its product range and thus reach new customer groups," says Höger.

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