2019 IULTCS Congress in Dresden

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The 35th International IULTCS Congress will take place at the Dresden International Congress Centre from June 25–28, 2019. IULTCS stands for International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies. The Congress will be hosted and organized by VGCT (German Association for Tannery Chemistry and Technology).

IULTCS has the aim of enhancing cooperation between member societies on an international level and of holding congresses to further the advancement of leather science and technology. As of today the IULTCS organization has held well over thirty Congresses in seventeen different countries on five continents.

The 35th IULTCS International Congress is also being held to promote scientific and technological progress in the leather and collagen industry, particularly in the context of a consistent development of a comprehensive concept of «Corporate Social Responsibility» considering all aspects of sustainability: environmental protection, human health, and social responsibility as well as sustainable management across the industry. The leitmotif of the 35th Congress is «Benign by Design», an approach which has the goal of ensuring that all processes and chemicals involved in the industry become environmentally friendly and sustainable.

By integrating all horizontal and vertical supply chains of the leather and tanning industry and applying industries, brands and retailers the 2019 Congress will give experts and professionals a broader and multiple view of demands, visions, innovations and goals of the various stakeholders. The congress will provide a wide-ranging lecture programme focussing on the following topics:

Advances in Fundamental Leather and Collagen Science

  • New findings in structure-property relations in collagen
  • Determination of species, race and origin of collagen and leather
  • Chemical properties of collagen

Applied Research & Technology 

  • Chances and limits of enzymatic technologies
  • Approaches to elimination of restricted substances in the tanning process
  • Potential of automation and sensor systems in the tanning industry
  • Wastewater treatment and waste management

Enhancing Corporate Responsibility 

  • Circulatory systems in the leather industry
  • Lowering the environmental footprint – ambitions and reality
  • Certification systems – how to evaluate and how to compare?
  • Health and safety in the leather industry

Sustainable Management 

  • Sustainability has its value, but also its price; implementation requires an aligned process of the entire value chain
  • A change of process is only possible, if all stake holders are open for new and innovative solutions


Business Partnerships

Numerous privileges and conveniences will provide opportunities for customers, specialists, and managers of the tanning and leather sector from all over the world to exchange ideas and to develop business networks, find new opportunities and promote their enterprise in Europe and beyond. The congress will offer: 

  • Business Partnership Packages flexible in size and services included
  • Presentation opportunities during social and side events
  • Utilization of congress components and materials
  • Access to business partner lounge


Combination of the 35th IULTCS Congress with the Freiberg Leather Days event

In combining the Congress with the Freiberg Leather Days more value is added to both groups of participants. Leather scientists and researchers from all around the globe will meet a strong European tanning and leather industry, including their suppliers and customers. Participants will include representatives of: 

  • Chemical industry and suppliers of leather auxiliaries
  • Engineering and tool manufacture
  • Automation and sensor technology
  • Testing and analysis technology
  • Applying industries: automotive, upholstery, apparel and shoes
  • Global brands and retail
  • Research and development
  • Professional education and training


For more information you can visit www.iultcs2019.org 

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