ISC Celebrates Its Tenth Birthday

Anniversary fête at Pirmasens: ISC Germany celebrated its tenth birthday on 27 June. 

“ISC Germany can look back on a still young yet remarkable and highly successful history. Today we can justifiably claim that ISC is the industry’s leading educational institution”, maintained Michael Tackenberg, Chairman of the Management Board of the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens, on the occasion of the anniversary celebration.

Dr. Bernhard Matheis, Mayor of the City of Pirmasens recalled that the foundation of ISC in 2008 was a not entirely uncontested decision. “In retrospect we can say: This courage has been rewarded”, Dr. Matheis stressed. To this day Pirmasens still enjoys an excellent reputation in the world of footwear, to which ISC has made a significant contribution.

“We shall not rest on the laurels of our success in the past decade”, announced Dr. Kerstin Schulte, who will in future be sharing the directorship of ISC with Ronny Weis. “We are looking forward the next decade with great enthusiasm.”

Carl-August Seibel congratulated the ISC team: “What has been achieved in Pirmasens in the course of the past years is truly impressive”. According to the president of the German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry (HDS/L), close cooperation between the footwear industry and ISC will become ever more important in the future. “Footwear manufacturers are exposed to a sustained innovation pressure throughout the year. Creativity, dynamism, and innovation are in greater demand than ever in order to react to the changing market situation.”

“Development cycles have to be greatly accelerated”, Seibel continued. “ISC can provide valuable support in the search for solutions. There is a need for new approaches which creatively challenge existing processes.”

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