Women in Research

In Germany, leading positions in industrial research are far too rarely held by women. Yet they really are out there: Women pursuing a successful career as engineers, entrepreneurs, or heads of institutes in research and industry. One such person is the Managing Director of PFI and ISC: Dr. Kerstin Schulte.

Together with seven other successful women from the fields of business and research, Dr. Kerstin Schulte participated in mid-January in an exciting and highly informative exchange of ideas with female members of the German federal parliament organised by AiF (SME Research Network).

In fact: Only 25 percent of students who qualify in engineering subjects are female. Female scientists point out: “There is an urgent demand for people, admittedly not only for women, in technical professions and in leading positions in German SMEs.” The skills shortage is a huge problem transcending questions of gender. For example, Prof. Claudia Langowsky, Head of the German Association for Research in Automotive Technology, laments: “Meanwhile we have problems in simply finding enough young people interested in our courses”. And there is also a skills shortage on the footwear and leather goods industry. “In this situation, our research and educational institutes, both ISC and PFI, offer valuable services. You and your employees can make good use of these offerings” is Dr. Kerstin Schulte’s message to companies active is this industry. 

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