Dr. Sigurd Riemer Appointed New Head of Certification

Dr. Sigurd Riemer took up his new post as Head of the PFI Certification Office on 1 January. A brief biography and a cordial invitation to a personal discussion.

Dr. Riemer studied biology and environmental science and has a doctorate in biochemistry. He gained his professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as a consultant for further education and certification – specifically in the areas of medicine and health care.

Priorities: Environmental certification and social standards
Questioned about his future strategy for the certification office, Dr. Riemer responded: “Our primary focus will be on supporting ISO 9001 clients in development of an environmental protection management system conforming to ISO 14001. We are specifically offering our expertise in matters relating to ISO 14001 to footwear companies which, in general, already operate a basic environmental protection system. Further development of this system not only culminates in readiness for certification but also indicates significant potential savings for the companies. For the future we are currently preparing for the accreditation of social standards.”

Dr. Riemer sets great store by personal dialogue: “The door of my Pirmasens office is always open for our clients. Come and see me – I am looking forward to meeting you!”

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