List of newly published standards and draft standards 2022

In the following we offer you a short overview of new and updated standards as well as draft standards in 2022.

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date of issue 2022-10

DIN EN ISO 21061:2022-03

Footwear - Test method for insoles and insocks - Dimensional change after cycle of wetting and drying (ISO 20535:2019); German version EN ISO 20535:2022

date of issue 2022-03

DIN EN ISO 21061:2022-03

Footwear - Chemical tests - General principles on the preparation of samples (ISO 21061:2021)

DIN EN ISO 16189:2022-03

Footwear - Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components - Test method to quantitatively determine dimethylformamide in footwear materials (ISO 16189:2021)

date of issue 2022-01

DIN CEN/TR 15990

Data sheets - Footwear tests materials and test adhesives; German version CEN/TR 15990:2021

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