PFI offers perspectives in the footwear industry

Time and time again, the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens e.V. (PFI) receives enquiries in which pupils express their interest in the shoe manufacturing profession. And 15-year-old Latisha Albrecht also showed her interest in the shoe industry by completing a two-week internship in the department ISC - International Shoe Competence Centre. The 8th grade student from Käthe-Dassler-Realschule plus in Pirmasens gained a deep insight into the complexity of shoe production and learnt about the various steps in the manufacturing process. From creating a copy of a last to stitching, bending and sharpening, she was able to try out all the steps herself and learn many new skills. She particularly enjoyed sewing, for which she received a lot of praise from her colleagues due to her skill and precision. Even though it will still be some time before Latisha starts her career, she already knows that she will have positive memories of her internship and that the profession of shoemaker will be on her shortlist of future career choices.

Latisha's internship is an example of PFI's commitment to inspire young people for the footwear industry and give them the opportunity to gain practical experience in this future-oriented field. The shortage of specialists is just one of the many challenges facing the footwear industry, which is why the sector needs young, talented and committed people. And the interest of young people in the region of Pirmasens is definitely there. This is also shown by the numerous registrations for Girl's and Boy's Day on 25 April. The programme "all about shoes" was one of the first places at the PFI to be fully booked.

The PFI makes an important contribution to the preservation and further development of the shoe industry, with its wide range of offers, such as the internship programme and training to become a shoe manufacturer.


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