Personal development in the world of work: expansion of seminar programme through cooperation with management consultancy Sefrin & Partner

The Test and Research Institute Pirmasens e.V. (PFI) is responding to the dynamic developments in the world of work and is expanding its range of seminars by cooperating with the renowned management consultancy Sefrin & Partner.

"This cooperation enables us to diversify our range of seminars and offer participants high-quality training opportunities that address the challenges of the modern working world," says Steffen Eichhorn, Head of the International Shoe Competence Centre (ISC) at PFI. "The expertise and experience of Sefrin & Partner perfectly complements our own skills, and we look forward to working together to make a significant contribution to the professional development and qualification of specialists and managers. In addition to participants from the footwear and leather industry, our seminar programme is aimed at interested parties from all sectors and fields."

The seminars are led by qualified lecturers from the management consultancy Sefrin & Partner, who have many years of experience and expertise in their particular fields. The lecturers include Stefan Sefrin, Managing Director of Sefrin & Partner, Karl Geistlich, Thorsten Dumser, Eva-Maria Herrmann, Gerhard Ziegler, Claus Schmidt and Dagmar Stock. The seminars will be held in the PFI conference rooms in the ISC department.

The seminar programme includes:

  • Successful Sales: practical strategies for persuasive customer communication and retention in a changing business world.
  • Communicating effectively: Practical methods and exercises for effective and conscious communication to minimise misunderstandings and strengthen professional relationships.
  • Avoiding conflict: Practical methods and techniques for recognising, analysing and sustainably resolving conflicts in the professional environment at an early stage.
  • Positive leadership: Approaches and methods for developing leadership skills to successfully meet current challenges in the world of work.
  • Trainee skills: Practical topic blocks and interactive exercises for prospective specialists and managers to successfully overcome challenges in everyday training and strengthen their skills.
  • Optimal transformation: Seminar for exploring and coping with digital and complex changes in the world of work with a focus on practical solutions and sharing experiences.

"We not only want to expand our existing training portfolio, but also offer our customers an even wider range of training and development opportunities," says Steffen Eichhorn. "From management development and dealing with transformation to enhanced communication - we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and our offering. The cooperation with Sefrin und Partner is a first joint step in this direction."

The seminars will take place on various dates in 2024.
Detailed information on content, dates and costs can be found on our website: ISC Germany | Seminars Sefrin & Partner

For registration or questions please contact

Lena Drechsler
Event Management
+ 49 6331 2490 952

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