PFI eco Label: Act now and for a sustainable future!

The new Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), which was adopted at the end of May 2024, sets comprehensive requirements for the sustainability of products across their entire life cycle. In future, it will no longer be possible to impose requirements only on energy-related products such as washing machines, refrigerators or motors. Instead, almost all products will now fall within the possible scope of future product regulations. The new Ecodesign Regulation itself does not yet impose any requirements on the products concerned. It merely contains criteria for new product regulations, which will be issued in the form of subordinate product-specific regulations. The requirements in the product regulations relate to the entire life cycle of a product and cover a wide range of sustainability aspects. In addition to material efficiency, this also includes aspects such as durability, reparability, reuse, processing, environmental footprint and water, soil and air pollution.

With the PFI eco label, you can prepare your production for future requirements and benefit from numerous advantages at the same time.

Why should you act now?
The Ecodesign Regulation already applies to many products and will be gradually extended to other product groups in the coming years. Companies that prepare for the new requirements now can benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Competitive advantages through adaptation: companies that do not modify their products to the new requirements risk competitive disadvantages and fines.
  • Opening up new markets: Sustainable products are in high demand. With the PFI eco label, you can address new target groups and strengthen your market position.
  • Improving your image: Companies that are committed to sustainability benefit from a positive image among customers and business partners.
  • Increasing future viability: Sustainability is a key issue for the future. Companies that set out now are well prepared for the future.

The PFI eco label: your partner for a sustainable future.

PFI offers you comprehensive support in implementing the Ecodesign Regulation and certification with the PFI eco Label. Our experts will accompany you from the initial assessment to certification and beyond.

With the PFI eco Label you are on the safe side:

  • You are prepared for the requirements of the Ecodesign Regulation.
  • You strengthen your image and your competitiveness.
  • You open up new markets.
  • You contribute to a sustainable future.

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