As a recognized service and research centre with a huge wealth of knowledge accrued over the course of 60 years, our Institute often hosts representatives of the media world. Here you will find interesting reports about various articles of daily use. The goods were tested on our premises and assessed by our experts. Are they free of hazardous substances? Are they robust? We have checked them out!

SWR, Marktcheck - 25.02.2022

Lab test: Yoga and fitness mats under test

Fitness often involves intensive contact with sports mats. If the mats are contaminated with harmful substances or of low quality, there is a risk of health hazards. Marktcheck took a closer look at mats from various manufacturers. In our laboratories, we check the test products for potentially harmful substances.

SWR, Marktcheck - 03.08.2021

Marktcheck checkt Rossmann - Wie gut ist der Drogeriemarkt wirklich?

Rossmann ist der zweitgrößte Drogeriemarkt in Deutschland - hinter dm. Marktcheck hat sich die Produkte genauer angeschaut. Wie gut ist die Qualität und der Preis der Rossmannprodukte? In unseren Laboren überprüfen wir die Testprodukte auf potenziell gesundheitsschädliche Substanzen.

WDR, Servicezeit - 01.06.2021

EM-Outfits im Labortest

Die EM rückt näher. Fußballfans, die nicht nur auf der Couch gucken, sondern auch selbst kicken wollen, statten sich mit den Outfits ihrer Stars aus. Doch wiederholt gab es Meldungen über Schadstoffe in Trikots, Schuhen und Bällen. Deshalb testen wir die Fußball-Outfits im Labor und auf dem Platz.

WDR, Servicezeit - 06.10.2020

Hausschuhe im Labortest

Hausschuhe sollten bequem, warm und rutschfest und aus gutem, langlebigem und schadstofffreiem Material sein. Welche Frauen-, Männer- und Kinder-Modelle all das erfüllen, haben wir im Praxistest und im Labor untersuchen lassen.

WDR - Markt, 29.04.2020

Vegane Schuhe

Markt has taken a closer look at the vegan shoe offer: Where are the prices? What variations are there? What is "really" vegan anyway? With the new PFI 100% vegan seal you can be sure that no animal ingredients are contained in the product. Everything about vegan shoes you can find out from minute 38 in the article.

SWR, Marktcheck - 04.02.2020 

Costume jewelry with unwanted extras                                                       

Costume jewelry is not only trendy, but can also be contaminated with harmful substances. These can cause allergies or other diseases. Marktcheck has carried out a sample of different brands with our help and we have found cadmium, various softeners and nickel, among other things.

SWR, Marktcheck - 21.01.2020

Eco-impregnation sprays under test

What is in the eco-impregnation sprays and are they any good? Marktcheck did the practical test and we tested the sprays thoroughly in our laboratories.

ARD, Tagesthemen - 10.07.2019

Pirmasens as an innovation location

The testing and research institute took advantage of the upheaval in the Palatinate shoe industry to develop further and positioned itself more broadly and discovered research areas such as biotechnology for itself. Through close cooperation with universities, politics and industry, modern technologies, innovative solutions and new applications of materials are being developed.

Galileo - 03.07.2019

Recognize good flip-flops

It's high season for flip-flops. In the holiday season you can get them for little money but what about the quality? Here you will learn simple tricks how to check the quality of the "slippers".

WDR, Servicezeit - 04.06.2019 

Flip Flops in test

In summer, "toe bridge shoes" are indispensable. But why do you only have to pay a few euros for some flip flops, but ten times as much for other models? We have had the flip-flops examined more closely.

WDR, Servicezeit - 02.04.2019 

Rubber boots in test

When it rains they are a must: rubber boots. But because of dangerous pollutants they often fail in tests. We have tested nine models in the laboratory and in practice and answer the most important questions.

ZDF, ZDFzeit - 18.09.2018

Doku: Deichmann, Reno & Co.
Whether sneakers or stilettos: many Germans love shoe shopping. What do the three large retail chains Deichmann, Reno and Görtz in price, style, quality and service?

WDR, Servicezeit - 10.04.2018

Tests on Running Shoes – High Quality for Modest Outlay?

Running is a trend sport – keeps the body fit and healthy. But how can one identify a good running shoe? Can one expect top quality for little money?


WDR, Service Time - 01.02.2018

Tests on carnival masks – Hazardous compounds and flammability

Do carnival masks contain hazardous substances and are they flammable?
Do they pose a risk to carnival revellers large and small?
Many masks fail to meet the requirements of the toy standard and of product safety.

WDR, Servicezeit - 26.10.2017

Tests on Halloween masks

Do Halloween masks contain hazardous substances and are they flammable?
Do they pose a risk to Halloween revellers large and small?
Many masks fail to meet the requirements of the toy standard and of product safety.

SWR, Market Check - 29.08.2017

Market Check checks out Trigema

Underwear, sportswear, and leisurewear of all kinds – all made in Germany:
How good are Trigema products?
And how does the quality compare with that of the competition?

ProSieben, Galileo - 18.05.2017

How good are cheap shoes? 

This test can help you avoid aching feet!
Fashion chains meanwhile sell not only clothes but also low-price shoes.
But are they any good?

NDR, Marketplace - 15.05.2017

Tests on wheeled suitcases: Robust luggage?

A wheeled suitcase is useful travel companion.
So-called trolleys are meanwhile available at discounters.
But how robust are these suitcases?

SRF, Cash Check - 28.03.2017

Tests on hiking boots: Low price, low satisfaction

"Cash Check" tested 12 of the best-selling brands of hiking boots:
Do they keep water out? Are they breathable? And how robust are they?
Conclusion: Low-priced products do not score well.

WDR, Könnes in Combat - 07.12.2016

Mass production of animal hides – The leather trade

Könnes wants to know: Where does our leather come from?
How is it processed? What happens in the tanning process?
Can we buy it with a clear conscience and wear it without jeopardising our health? 

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